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Waterproofing & Parking Deck Systems

underground parking floor repairs

Floorcrete Floorcrete Floorcrete Floorcrete

The floorcrete parking system is renowned for the flexible, low VOC, solvent free attributes which provide it a colourful waterproof wearing surface for the covered and exposed parking structure. 

By the use of protective coating system on the car park structure, light reflectivity, visual appearance, and traffic movement can be easily regulated. Besides ongoing structural maintenance can be kept at minimum.

The advantage of the parking garage Coatings

 Safe and Strong:- This system is hard wearing with abrasion resistance and high durability allow them to stand up against heavy traffic, fuel, chemical spillages. With varied anti-skid finishes, our system provides the safest solution under your feet or wheel.

Creative: - Protective coating offers aesthetics with a variety of styles and colours in order to create a light reflective and eye-catching finish. Garage floor coating can be effectively used both vehicle area and pedestrian ensure the safety of both people as well as their vehicles.

Noise reduction: - System we have selected to install on your garage floor decrease tire squeal, which is renowned as the uncommon problem within car parking environment. 

Further, our system is perfect for the new construction, underground parking floor repairs as well as renovation of the existing parking projects.

Our systems are ideal for renovations of existing parking structures and new construction projects.

Floorshield Exterior: flexible, polyurethane water proofing and crack bridging surface for exposed parking structures.

Floorsheild Interior: cost effective, flexible , solvent free polyurethane waterproofing and crack bridging surface for covered parking structures.

Floorsheild Rapide: solvent free, MMA parking deck coating which provides crack bridging and water proofing surface with fast turnaround ideally used for fast repairs of existing coat.


  • Environmentally friendly-low VOC coatings
  • Aesthetically attractive- brightens up dull, dark, musty parking areas
  • Reduces noises-stops tire squeal
  • Hard wearing-abrasion resistant
  • Excellent chemical resistance to engine oil, battery acid, hydraulic fluid, fuel, etc.
  • Fire resistant
  • Slip-resistant
  • Resistant to cracking
  • Excellent bond strength
  • Fast track installation
  • 100% UV light stable - no yellowing effect


  • Top Decks
  • Intermediate decks and parking garages
  • Balcony waterproofing
  • Podium decks
  • Service corridors
  • Ramps
  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Drive lanes