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Specialist Polymer Flooring Systems for Breweries

Polymer flooring systems are being used more often in brewery environments owing to their excellent performance characteristics combined with design versatility

Floorcrete Inc. has partnered up with some of the manufacturers of specialty polymer and HACCP International certified floors to be able to cater to the food and beverage industry with systems that meet their work environment demands.

Brewery floors are subject to frequent spills and staining as well as heavy loads and foot traffic. Caustic chemicals, thermal shock, slip resistance and hygiene are also a concern.

Polymer flooring systems ensure a non-porous, smooth and seamless surface where there is nowhere for bacteria or mold spores to grow.

Floorcrete Inc is a certified installer of  HACCP International and ISO 22196 certified cementitious urethane flooring materials that offer enhanced protection with the inclusion of PolygieneŽ, a silver-ion antimicrobial agent, designed to protect the surface from degradation caused by microbial growth.

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