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Considerations before an Industrial Concrete Floor Coating Installation

One of the most common option is concrete when it comes to industrial flooring.  Like any other option out there, this will eventually deteriorate due to the harshness of the several damaging elements that certain facilities have such as foot traffic, abrasions,…

Specialist Polymer Flooring Systems for Breweries

Polymer flooring systems are being used more often in brewery environments owing to their excellent performance characteristics combined with design versatility

Floorcrete Inc. has partnered up with some of the manufacturers of specialty polymer and HACCP International certified floors to be able to cater to the food and beverage industry with systems that meet their work environment demands.


Resurfacing Old Concrete Floor


A manufacturing company in Etobicoke was looking to restore their worn out concrete floor to expand their operations and assemble heavy equipment on the floor for their new product line. The floor was not a good candidate to receive an epoxy coating due to the fact that only 20% of the floor had a smooth…